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Introduction Glyphosate is a widely used herbicide that is frequently found in foods. It is the active ingredient in the widely used weed killer, RoundUp, and has been linked to a number of health concerns. Here in the US, the chemical is still allowed to be used to control weeds and pests, even in agricultural […]

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Glyphosate in Foods

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“JOY is the explosion of HAPPINESS and PLEASURE.” Diane Von Furstenberg Living joyfully is a state of mind that can be achieved by anyone, regardless of their circumstances. In my post, Activating Your Glow 101, I talk about how focusing on joy is the number one way to re-ignite your inner glow and how it […]

How to Focus More on Joy


Get Up and Glow: Summer Essentials Edition Introduction Summer is the perfect season to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re going for a hike, exploring a new city, or simply lounging at the beach, it’s important to have the right gear to keep you, your loved ones, and even your fur babies, comfortable and protected […]

Top Summer Essentials When Out and About

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The Stress-Free Way to Ensure Your Website and Blog are Legally Compliant… in Less than 15 minutes! Introduction Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. This is important information that I found extremely helpful when setting up my website and blog. Hopefully you find this information valuable and it makes the […]

Are Your Website and Blog Legal?


Have you ever asked yourself if you were living as your authentic self? Living as your authentic self means being true to who you are not pretending to be someone else.

Living as Your Authentic Self

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Click the photos to learn about my daily must-haves.

My essentials

I start my day with a glass of warm water to help my digestive system get fired up, as well as hydrate the cells in my body after a long night's sleep. I then, no matter what, eat a protein packed breakfast, such as eggs cooked any way, or, a smoothie with protein and collagen. Starting my day with super foods helps ensure a lasting GLOW!


Even if it is just a round or two of cat cow, or some gentle spinal twists, some sort of yoga & stretching is a daily must for me! The benefits of yoga go far beyond the physical, but I truly do feel like this daily practices helps ignite my GLOW!


I spend 4 minutes a day visualizing my dreams and 15 to 20 in meditation. No matter what time of day I do it, I always feel present and re-energized afterward (almost like taking a power nap!) This daily practice also helps me proactively combat stress & anxiety, and ensures that neither of these things can dim my GlOW. 

Meditation & Visualization

Spending a few moments at the start of each day writing down what I am grateful for sets me up to have a positive mindset for the rest of the day and helps me stay present in each moment. This, along with visualization and meditation, help mitigate the effects of stress & anxiety and ensure that I continue to look and feel my best!

Gratitude Journal

My morning coffee has turned into a legit ritual since I got my Chemex. The slow, pour-over method not only produces AMAZINGLY delicious coffee, but also helps me not feel so rushed and chaotic in the morning. My daily coffee ritual reminds me to enjoy the little things. Tip: I also add a scoop or two of grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen peptides to further boost my inner & outer GLOW!

My Chemex

Coco Chanel

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. 

Marie Forleo

The measure of a great life is whether it matches your dream.

Rest & self-care is just as important as hustle. Daily naps and/or meditation? Essential.

Comparison is the thief of JOY.
Just be YOU!

I believe: