So you've started a website, blog, and/or online business and poured a LOT of time and energy into building it. Now you need to protect it by making sure you have the Legal Pages on your site that make you legally compliant.
I worked with Amira at A Self Guru to get the legal pages templates I needed so that I could literally plug in my business' information, create four new pages on my site and BOOM- I was done in less than 15 minutes and had the legal protection I needed. 
You can read more about the three legal pages you MUST have on your site at a minimum, in this blog post I wrote, Are Your Website and Blog Legal?
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Legal Page Templates & Guides


As a nutritional therapist, I believe in wholeheartedly in the saying that "Food is Thy Medicine". We can use the healing properties of certain foods to help improve our overall health and wellbeing. There are times, however, when the body may need some additional support, healing, and nutrients to help get it to a place of optimal form and function.

On the blog, I only recommend products that I have personally used or have incorporated into my family's diet. Perfect Supplements is a wonderful online supplement shop that carries some of my absolute favorite products, including their glyphosate-free, grass fed collagen peptides and bovine gelatin, which you will see me blog about, ALOT. It is the keystone product that I used to help heal my son's gut and eliminate 99% percent of his food allergies. 

I highly recommend checking out Perfect Supplement's site if you are looking to purchase high quality supplements, either that I have recommended, or those that you have discovered on your own. 

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Perfect Supplements


The Environmental Working Group's website is my go-to resource when I need to research healthy and safe products for mine and my family's personal care product needs. 

They publish a great resource every year with a list of the safest sunscreens, as well as a publication on the foods that absolutely should be purchased Organic ("Dirty Dozen") and which ones are okay to purchase Conventional ("Clean Fifteen"). 

I highly recommend exploring their site if you are interested in using cleaner, healthier products in your home and on your and your family's skin. 

Environmental Working Group